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Medical Equipment

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 Note: Items listed hereunder are for general reference only, and ePharmapedia disclaims responsibility for any printing or typographical errors, and does not guarantee that all information is accurate.

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Device Name Function Manufacturer Thumbnail
AV-3000 (Handheld Electronic Convex Array Scanner) Ultrasound Scanners AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd AV-3000 (Handheld Electronic Convex Array Scanner)
EKO 7 (Cardiovascular Ultrasound System) Ultrasound Scanners Samsung Medison EKO 7 (Cardiovascular Ultrasound System)
Titan 2000 Chest Digital Solution for Radiography System X-Ray Medical ECONET GmbH Titan 2000 Chest Digital Solution for Radiography System
PetiTelemo DS-7001 (Bedside Monitor) Monitoring System Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. PetiTelemo DS-7001 (Bedside Monitor)
SKYLight (Nuclear Medicine) Computed Tomography Philips Electronics SKYLight (Nuclear Medicine)
UF-810XTD (Full Digital Multi-Purpose Ultrasound System tellus) Ultrasound Scanners Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. UF-810XTD (Full Digital Multi-Purpose Ultrasound System tellus)
iU22 Ultrasound System Ultrasound Scanners Philips Electronics iU22 Ultrasound System
CP1000 Film Processor Agfa HealthCare CP1000
Infinix DP-i X-Ray TOSHIBA Infinix DP-i
Infinix CC-i X-Ray TOSHIBA Infinix CC-i

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Consultants Corner

Dr. Hani Najjar

Dr. Hani Najjar Pediatrics, Neurology

Samir Moussa M.D.

Samir Moussa M.D. ENT Specialist

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy Pediatrician

Dr. Talal Sabouni


Dr. Tahsin Martini

Dr. Tahsin Martini Degree status: M.D. in Ophthalmology

Dr . Dirar Abboud

Dr . Dirar Abboud Hepatologist – Gastroenterologist

Yaser Habrawi , F.R.C.S.Ed

Yaser Habrawi , F.R.C.S.Ed Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Faisal Dibsi

Dr. Faisal Dibsi Specialist of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

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