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(Systemic use):Endocrine disordes ( primary or secondary adrenocortical insufficiency ) . shock unresponsive to conVentional therapy if adrenocortical insufficiency exists or is suspected , Rheumati c disorders ( post – traumatic osteoarthritis , synovitis of osteoarthritis , Rheumatoid arthritis , Acute and subacute bursitis . Epicondylitis , Acute nonspecific tenosynovitis , Acute gouty arthritis , Psoriatic arthritis Collagen diseases ( systemic lupus erythematosus , Acute rheumatic Carditis , systemic dermatomysitis ) , Dermatologic disease ( Pemphigus , Severe erythma multiforme , Exfoliative dermatitis , Severe psoriasis ) ophthalmic diseases , ( in allergic and inflammatory processes involving the eye , such as : Herpes Zoster ophthalmicus , Iritis , iridocy clitis , chorioretinitis , Keratitis ) , Gastrointestinal diseases ( ulcerative colitis systemic theropy ) Respiratory diseases ( symptomatic sarcoidosis , Berylliosis ) Hematologic disorders ( Acquired [ autoimmune ] hemolytic anemia ) Neoplastic disease. (Topical use):variety of skin conditions (e.g., insect bites, poison oak/ivy, eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash, itching of the outer female genitals, anal itching). Hydrocortisone reduces the swelling, itching, and redness that can occur in these types of conditions. This medication is a mild corticosteroid.


(Systemic use) Prior Arthroplasty of joint , Blood Clotting disorders , intra – articular fracture , infection ( periaticular , current or history of ) , osteoporosis , unstable joint.(Topical use): variety of skin conditions (e.g., insect bites, poison oak/ivy, eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash, itching of the outer female genitals, anal itching). Hydrocortisone reduces the swelling, itching, and redness that can occur in these types of conditions. This medication is a mild corticosteroid.

Adverse reactions:

(Systemic use):Mineralocorticoid adverse effects ( retention of sodium and water , with oedema and hypertension ) , increased excretion of potassium with the possibility of hypokalaemic alkalosis , cardiac failure , disturbances of electrolyte balance , osteoporosis , spontaneous fractures , muscle wasting and nitrogen depletion , hyperglycaemia , menstrual irregularities . Immunosuppression , cushingoid symptoms ( with moon-face , hirsutism , buffalo hump , flushing , CHF , psychic disturbances , sudden blindness , Adrenal suppression , avascular necrosis , cataracts , cutaneous or subcutaneous tissue atrophy , growth suppression ( in children ) , impaired wound healing , pancreatitis , peptic ulceration or intestinal perforation , tendon rupture and thin , fragile skin.(Topical use):Stinging, burning, irritation, dryness, or redness at the application site may occur. Acne, unusual hair growth, "hair bumps" (folliculitis), skin thinning/discoloration, or stretch marks may also occur.


(Systemic use):Combinations containing any of the following medications, depending on the amount present, also may interact with this medication: Acetaminophen-Alcohol-Anti-inflammatory drugs, nonsteroidal (NSAIDs)- Aminoglutethimide Amphotericin B,Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors,Anabolic steroids ,Androgens,Antacids,Anticholinergics, especially atropine and related compounds Anticoagulants, coumarin- or indanedione- Heparin orStreptokinase orUrokinase Antidepressants, tricyclic Antidiabetic agents, oral - Insulin -Antithyroid agents-Thyroid hormones-Contraceptives, oral, estrogen-containing.(Topical use): No specific interactions


(Systemic use): Sodium bisulfite may cause allergic – type reactions including an anaphylactic symptoms .Systemic corticosteroids should be used with great caution in the presence of heart failure , recent MI , hypertension , diabetes mellitus , epilepsy , glaucoma , hypothyroidism , hepatic failure , osteoporosis , peptic ulceration , psychoses or severe affective disorders , and renal impairment , growth retardation in children , live vaccines should not be give to patients receiving high-dose systemic corticosteroid therapy nor for atleast 3 months afterwards . killed vaccines or toxoids may be given although the response may be attenuated . During prolonged courses , sodium intake may need to reduced and calcium and potassium supplements may be necessary . Rapid intravenous injection of massive doses of corticosteroids may sometimes cause cardiovascular colapse and injections should therefore be given slowly or by infusion .(Topical use): Before using hydrocortisone,the patient has to tell the doctor or pharmacist if he is allergic to it; or to other corticosteroids (e.g., prednisone, triamcinolone); or if the patient have any other allergies.If the patient have itching of the outer female genitals with vaginal discharge, she have to consult the doctor before using this product.During pregnancy, this medication should be used only when clearly needed.



Dosage and Administration

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Technical Description

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