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Cooling Hands Increases Exercise Capacity

Cooling Hands Increases Exercise Capacity

(ePharmaNews) – Exercising for 15 minutes a day can reduce obesity and blood pressure, but it is often a hard-to-keep commitment, especially for out-of-shape ladies. A new study might find a simple way to help obese women tolerating exercises more often.

In this small study, which will be presented in the AHA's coming session, researchers found that women holding bottles of cold water can tolerate exercises for more prolonged time compared to women who are not.

The study included 24 ladies who aged between 30 and 45, all suffering obesity. The researchers asked 12 of them to carry a bottle of cold water (16 C) while doing some exercises; the other group performed the same exercises while holding bottles of normal temperature. The target was to achieve 45 minutes of exercises.

“Obese women often complain about sweating and getting tired because they’re walking around with extra insulation,” said Stacy T. Sims, Ph.D., the study’s lead researcher and exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University in California. “If you can slow the rate internal temperature rises and cool someone who is obese, they don’t store as much heat and don’t feel as uncomfortable. They can do more work.”
Sims suggested that holding a bottle of cold water may also cool palms and help exercisers feel cooler, less sweaty and less fatigued — allowing them to work out longer and make them more likely to stick with their exercise regimen.

During the three-month study, the control group’s data remained almost the same while the cooling group shaved an average five minutes off the time to walk 1.5 miles, dropped almost three inches off their waists, and had lower resting blood pressure and greater exercise heart rate.

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Prepared by: Laila Nour

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