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Increase in Teenage Suicide

Increase in Teenage Suicide

(ePharmaNews) - After years of bullying, 15-year-old Marjorie Raymond killed herself Monday, a small town in Quebec. “I have a hard time leaving this world,” she wrote her suicide letter, “but I think it will be for a better world.”In the letter, the young girl blamed her schoolmates for her distress and said she couldn’t handle the bullying, that had been going on for three years, any longer

Marjorie is not the first, and she may not be the last also. Bloggers, websites and TV programs are full of such painful stories about teenagers who ended their lives because of different reasons. Recently Canadian researchers found that this phenomenon is more dangerous than it thought to be.    

Researchers from the Public Health Agency of Canada looked at mortality data from Statistics Canada between 1980 and 2008 to determine suicide patterns in children and adolescents aged 10–19 years. They found that, while the suicide rate for Canadians in that age group decreased an average of 1% each year from 1980–2008; there were variations by age and sex.
In 2008, suicides in young Canadians were accounting for 20% of all deaths for people aged 10–19 years. the rate of male’s suicides were offset while it increased highly in females, who have also increased rates of suicides by hanging, and decreased rates of  suicides with firearms and poisons.

Although the researchers may attribute some of the cases described as suicides for the “choking game”; which is a game commonly practiced by teenagers and done by ligaturing a rope or belt around the neck to experience a sense of pleasure and ecstasy without using drugs and without intending any harm to themselves, that does not negate the seriousness of the problem, especially with the advent of the so-called "cyberbullying ".
 “The prevalence and influence of the Internet and social media in the lives of young Canadians cannot be discounted in this discussion and warrants further research to understand its risks related to suicide. Such sites are obviously troubling; yet, paradoxically, the Internet and social media also hold potential benefits for the prevention of suicide. “The researchers say.
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer from the Jewish General Hospital and the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montréal, Quebec, says :"while the Internet has helped spread information on self-harm and suicide, social and economic deprivation in a region is associated with higher rates of suicide."

"Economic inequities may expose young people to a wide range of stressors and negative life events in their families and communities, as well as diminish their own hopes and expectations for a positive future with meaningful opportunities for work and life," writes Dr. Kirmayer.

He notes that the suicide rate for Aboriginal young people is three to five times higher than that for non-Aboriginal young people.
“Understanding the impact of these larger social determinants on young people’s identities, resilience and well-being may hold the key to further reductions in suicide in the years to come,” Kirmayer concludes.

اضغط هنا للقراءة باللغة العربية

Prepared by: Laila Nour
Translated by: Marcell Shehwaro

Source :


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