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New Colon Cancer Test

New Colon Cancer Test

(ePharmaNews) - Colon cancer is the second most prevalent cancer and the fourth fatal one, and despite the availability of colonoscopy as the best diagnostic method, it remains a disturbing procedure for the patient. Anyway, it seems that colonoscopy may be less used as scientists successfully developed a new test that depends on genetic tests of a small sample of feces.

Cancers generally develop as a result of a defect affecting the genetic substances that stimulates cells to multiply quickly, while disabling the body's repairing mechanisms to remove these types of cells. The idea of the study was to develop a test capable of detecting the damaged genetic substances and thus identifying persons with cancer.
The Mayo clinic researchers conducted a study involved 500 patients, ages 50 to 80, who had no symptoms and who recently had a colonoscopy with normal results.

The efforts were successful, as the study presented today by Mayo Clinic researchers at the American Association for Cancer Research(AACR) Annual Meeting 2012 in Chicago identified two genes that are optimal targets to be analyzed in a new noninvasive test for colorectal cancer ,

The researchers noted that this test is simple, extremely fast and most importantly; it is not harmful to the patient. The test gives sufficient information about the incidence of cancer during the early stages of formation. The methylated genes were not affected by any other patient characteristics, including race, ethnicity, gender, geographic residence, family history of colon cancer, or previous polyps.
In addition, results of the stool test were consistent, regardless of whether patients smoked, consumed alcohol, took aspirin or were obese.

"This study provided a means to refine our stool test and to minimize false-positive results, which can lead to unnecessary expense and cause patients undue stress," says principal investigator David Ahlquist, M.D., of Mayo Clinic.
"Other than age, common clinical factors had no impact on the degree of methylation detected by the stool test," Dr. Ahlquist says. "This is very good news from the point of view of clinical practicality because the test applies to all patients, and they don't need to change medications or any habits for the results to be accurate."
A lab that reviews the test results can easily adjust the range of "normal" for older patients who undergo the test.“

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Prepared by: Houssam Nahhas
Translated by: Marcell Shehwaro

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